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Hello, this is Leena Rautiainen @ Valmennustalo Viritys Ltd.

As a Business Coach, I help employees find meaning and clarity, and use their talents to succeed at work. My main services are coaching, supervision, training and facilitation as well as workplace mediation.

Viritys: what’s in a name?

“Valmennustalo” means “Coaching House”. The name “Viritys” is derived from the Finnish verb virittää: to tune or to trim. This reminds me of my background as an active amateur musician, and the essential practice of tuning instruments of the orchestra – or choral warm-ups for that matter – before making music. Only after proper tuning is a quality ensemble possible. This way you also avoid tiredness and injuries. This principle, together with a strong emphasis on active listening, I want to cherish also in helping employees, teams and organisations find harmony and succeed at work.

I believe…

I believe that humans are much more than ”resources”.
I believe that people flourish at work when you treat them with respect and integrity.
I believe that good leadership results in good performance and well-being at work.


My main competence areas are

  • Culture change
  • Leadership skills
  • Training and facilitation
  • Workplace mediation

My professional background lies in global IT and change consulting, working for e.g. Accenture and Nokia. With extensive studies in supervision, coaching, music therapy and mediation I nowadays focus mainly on coaching and mentoring roles. As a trained workplace mediator I am also experienced and prepared to intervene in workplace conflicts and help you resolve any disputes before they become costly.

To get in touch…

Simply write down your message or book a free coaching taster session using the provided contact form. The purpose of a taster session is to allow you to learn more about coaching and how it works.

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