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Valmennustalo Viritys inspires people to succeed at work.
It provides quality services in Leadership Coaching, training and consulting.

What’s in a name? – “Valmennustalo” means “Coaching House”. The name “Viritys” is derived from the Finnish verb virittää: to tune or to trim. This reminds me of my background as an active amateur musician, and the essential practice of tuning instruments of the orchestra – or choral warm-ups for that matter – before making music. Only after proper tuning is a quality ensemble possible. This way you also avoid tiredness and injuries. – This principle I want to cherish also in helping employees, teams and organisations find harmony and succeed at work.

My main competence areas are

  • Culture change
  • Leadership skills
  • Training and facilitation
  • Workplace mediation

My professional background lies in global IT and change consulting, working for e.g. Accenture and Nokia. With extensive studies in e.g. psychology, coaching, mediation and music therapy I nowadays focus mainly on coaching and mentoring roles. As a trained workplace mediator I am also experienced and prepared to intervene in workplace conflicts and help you resolve any disputes before they become costly.